Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feeling like a Twit

Locked out of Twitter! It was the day of the big Twitter Meltdown (thanks to some guy in Russia?) and SOMEONE posted a "get rich quick" scheme using my account! It was such a betrayal. But the bigger betrayal was trying to get through to Twitter, who locked me out of my account. I thought Twitter was an advocate for The Little Guy, but after contacting them multiple times over the course of a few months, I was beginning to feel helpless. I bet Ashton Kutcher would've gotten a response, if HE had been locked out! Surely Starbucks or Diablo Cody would have had their account restored by now! Who was I, humble Saffron, with nothing really important to share, other than trivialities such as "I'm having a baby in a few days" or "I'm working on a new script"? The irony... a medium that put everyone on level footing (character limit wise) was turning into the same old hierarchy! I toyed with the idea of writing a piece for NPR... I called it, "The Twit That I Am" and whined about Twitter leaving me in the dust with no recourse. Would my followers leave me? Would someone else take my precious "@" moniker, the one I created waaaay back in 2006, before some twitterers were even born? (OK, slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean.)

But I kept bugging customer service and out of the blue birdy-less sky, I was assigned a ticket! A real person was going to look into my claim! I thanked "Trihawkathan" (one of only 7 Twitter staffers who must respond to mountains of emails beseeching help) and thanked him profusely, hoping that might speed up my resolution. It worked. A day later, @Saffron was back! It feels so good to be alive! Really, isn't it the small things in life that you come to appreciate? 140 characters CAN make a difference!

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